Coming Soon, 2007
Site specific intervention on an empty shopping center, white paint, existing lamps connected to street lamp, 17m x 13m, Jena (DE)
Opened shortly before the wall came down and now empty for several years, this immense entity seems to have reached a profound state of invisibility. Covered by graffiti, posters, wild plants and construction materials, the place constantly portraits the failure of its own structure. In the back of the building four light spots were found, pointing to a former advertisement wall, but today there is nothing to be illuminated. For this intervention the entire wall was ‘cleaned’ and the four light spots lit again. For the duration of the exhibition the wall became an empty lit screen, a place for imagination, a portrayal of the state of the building, of this constant wait, when everything is there for something to happen but it actually never does. Still, the structure waits, for something that perhaps is coming soon…