Manual de Uso, 2014
Publication, 14.8 x 21cm, 196 pages, edition of 500 copies
A project developed within the Nouveaux Commanditaires commission program. The peninsula of Zorrozaurre in Bilbao (Spain) containing the last remains of its former industrial era was the focus of this project. A place in transition, in wait, where different dialogs between abandoned spaces, the interactions people have with them and the future urban plans for the area, create a rare possibility for imagining other models and manners of constructing space and thinking about cities. The book functions as an archive of a disappearing space and as well as a ‘guide’ to look at it from a different perspective. The exhibition expands from this material to offer other propositions concentrating mainly in the dialog of the natural and the constructed space, uncovering hidden possibilities for disregarded spaces within urban contexts.